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When you come to SOS Postal, you will have the option to compare shipping rates in order to choose the best deal available for you.

You can declare value coverage in order to determine the liability of the package in case of loss or damages. It is a precautionary step in case the carrier damages your package. You can obtain insurance coverage for your package at our store.

Through SOS Postal you can obtain a Proof of Delivery (POD). Proof of Delivery is a document that confirms receipt of an item. It will include the time and date of the delivery, the name of the recipient, and his or her signature.

Our helpful staff members will help you find the correct box size to ensure that your item is being safely and economically shipped. We are knowledgeable in the shipping requirements and coverage limits for each carrier.

If you need shipping supplies, you are able to purchase your essentials at our store, from greeting cards to packaging peanuts. We can also provide envelopes of all sizes and stamps.


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