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Documents that are notarized have the benefit of extra security because the signers’ identities are witnessed by a neutral party. Getting documents notarized prevents fraud.

A notary public will:

  • witness the signing of the documents

  • verify the identity of the signers

  • observe their willingness to sign the documents

  • observe their awareness of the content within the documents or transaction


What do I need Notary Services for?

Americans notarize 1.25 billion documents each year. The most common reasons for notarization include:

  • Power of Attorney (see Power of Attorney)

  • Property Transactions

  • Advanced Healthcare Directives

  • Probates and Wills (see Probate)

  • Immigration

  • Permission for a Minor’s Travel

  • Sworn Affidavit

  • Other Oversea Documents (see Apostille)

  • Property Deeds


SOS postal Notary Services

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