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Yes, fax is still needed sometimes, and SOS Postal can help you recieve or deliver one!

What can I send over fax?

We can send the following over fax:

  • Legal papers

  • Real estate documents

  • Insurance documents

  • Medical forms

  • Business agreements

  • and anything else!


Do I need a cover sheet?

If you need to send something over fax, we can provide you with a free cover sheet.

Will I recieve proof that I sent a fax? How do I know if it made it through?

You can be assured that your fax arrived to its destination with our confirmation sheet at no additional cost. The confirmation sheet will show date and time that the fax was sent, to which number, how many pages, and if it successfully went through.

What are some availble fax services through SOS Postal?

  • Incoming and outgoing local fax

  • Incoming and outgoing domestic long distance fax

  • Incoming and outgoing international fax

  • Satellite fax number sending

Can I recieve fax at this location?

Yes you can, our fax number is (951) 657-5644.

Do I need to be present to recieve a fax?

You do not have to be present to recieve a fax. Please leave your contact information with us and we will notify you when you recieve something.


Visit our Perris location at 277 E. 4th ST. Suite F for our faxing services!

Call us at (951) 657-5600 if you have any questions.